httpdstats is a perl script that generates a statistical summary of the contents of an Apache access log and either prints the summary or sends it, via mail, to somebody. This program is intended for use on small, low-traffic web servers, where the full power of something like the Webalizer represents overkill.

The main intended use for httpdstats is as a cron job, so that the web administrator can receive a daily report on server usage just before the logs are rotated; an anacron script and configuration file are installed for that purpose. The results can either printed directly or mailed to an interested party as text or HTML. Configuration files can be used to set the various options available. Certain file suffixes, for file types such as JPEG, PNG or GIF images, can be collapsed into grouped entries, to avoid cluttering up the report with labels, logos and other meaningless data.


Oh, be serious. Well, allright, here's some sample HTML output and some sample text output.



httpdstats(8) man page.

Revision History

httpdstats-0.2.2.tar.gz I've added some options that limit the length of the output when reporting URLs. You can strip off any CGI arguments and limit the width of the output. I was getting fed up with various attempts at IIS hacking messing things up.
httpdstats-0.2.1.tar.gz The Apache "combined" log format, the default in RedHat 7.1, is now parsed, as well as the standard "common" form. Two new partitions: referrer and agent have been added to make use of the extra information in the combined format.
httpdstats-0.2.0.tar.gz Reports are now done through a roll-your-own description format, rather than the restricted set allowed before. Time partitioning of requests added. Protocol partitioning of requests added. Host name lookup allowed. Host names sort in a natural domain order. Escape sequences in URLs are de-escaped. Ignore domains can handle IP addresses, as well as host names.
httpdstats-0.1.1.tar.gz Added requests-total and bytes-total summaries. Added help and subject command line switches. Added ignore-domains option for more accurate reporting. Config reading command line conflict bug-fix. All output options default to 'no', rather than the original odd mix.
httpdstats-0.1.tar.gz The initial release.


Please report any bugs -- or any other feedback -- to


15-Feb-2003 Doug Palmer